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American Family Home Sales

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                                                            American Family Home Sales

American Family Home Sales has been in business for 8 years and has already helped many families find Good Quality Homes at a reasonable price. We want to help give people what they can afford, without pushy selling tactics, we sell homes for less everyday of the year! There is not a dealership that can beat our prices unless they are selling a home of lesser quality. It is hard for us to be under sold.

Owners - John and Kim Hefner

OwnerJohn and Kim Hefner started a mobile home set up business (Hefner's Mobile Home Service) 33 years ago, and we have set homes for every one of our competitors at one time or another. This has helped us to know what types of homes are out there and what type of homes we wanted to sell for quality. Due to the slow economy our set up business slowed also.

The Economy changed, forcing us to make a change. American Family Home Sales opened and is selling Quality, well built homes to families and setting their homes with our own set up company (No Subcontractors). This is now what we are proud to say is our family owned business. Now we are helping families with their new homebuying experience. It is a pleasure and informative experience from start to finish! As a set up company, there were many complaints being discussed with us about their buying experience. By the time their home was being set they were very disappointed with their dealership, salesperson, or the quality of their home. With American Family Home Sales handling all aspects of the purchase, the customer has one contact and feels very informed and satisfied with their experience or purchase.

American Family Home Sales prides itself on being a family owned and operated business. We keep our operating cost down by only having one very nice & enjoyable sales person.
When a customer comes in they are welcome to look at all our displays, ask as many questions as they would like, and we will offer them all the information we have, and if we don't have the answer, we will get it! We encourage customers to shop around and compare everything not just the price, the quality, structural features of a home. Dealerships can lower prices by lowering quality and ordering lower grade windows, doors, insulations, etc. Our homes can be customized to fit any families needs at a price that is affordable and the quality will not be sacrificed, nor will the set up, because we don't use subcontractors. All our competitors use subcontractors to do their work and then have to send service men back out to fix the problems.

We are a family business that is not governed by share holders, regional managers, general managers, etc. The overhead many of our competitors have is added to their bottom dollar to pay their salaries. These are additional salaries our company doesn't have to add. We want families to understand that they can buy a manufactured home for a lot less than a stick built home at an excellent price and be happy when it is finished. There are a lot of homes on the market that we wouldn't try to sell because of the low quality and workmanship.

Quite a few families will be buying manufactured homes this year, we just want to help educate them on what they're buying so they are truly satisfied when finished with their purchase. There are so many manufactures out there a customer can shop for the right home at the right price.

Come visit American Family Homes Sales and we will help make your buying experience one that you will want to tell everyone about! A Beautiful Quality Built Home is something to be Proud of.