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American Family Home Sales is in the business of helping families find good Quality and Reasonably priced Homes. We want to help by giving people what they can afford. We do not use any pushy selling tactics or tricks. We don't have to! We sell the best in quality for less! No Dealership can beat our prices unless they are selling a home of lesser quality. It is hard for us to be under sold.

Monday thru Friday 9A.M.- 5:30 P.M.

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Home set-up

The set up of the house you buy is as important as the type of home you buy. Every house has a different set up plan and that plan needs to be followed strictly or a $100,000 dollar home isn't worth the material it's made out of.

American Family Home Sales takes particular care when attaching the house together to get it as tight as we can which means the home should be wood to wood at the floors and the ceilings. This creates a tight fit that keeps the home from shifting. If you don't buy from us then make sure that the crew who sets your home has it tight together. You are the one that will pay for it later. If you see that the home is not tight, stop the crew and tell the dealership that you want a second opinion on the set up.

This is where 30 years experience comes into play, nobody can jump in and do this job. It takes many years of experience and many sets under your belt to know what to do for every problem that may arise. After the home is together and leveled, the roof is the next important item, every shingle should be nailed down not just sealed down with tar. That alone will not hold properly.

After 30 years of setting homes, we have seen it all, some companies just lay the shingles down and let the sun seal them down, this will not work. Make sure your house is set properly and it will last longer than you!
Everything after the roof is a little easier but it still needs to be properly done. The trim out inside the house is only as good as the trimmer himself. Experience plays a big role here also.

Good Luck in where you buy. We can only help with our own customers, so please make good decision on who you buy your home from and who you have set it up.

Home Sales

sales personFinding the right home can sometimes be a hassle. Having to deal with a pushy sales person is even worse! Here at American Family Home Sales, We believe in letting the customer choose what is best for themselves! Our sales person will show you the home, discuss the details and pricing, and allow you to choose what is best for you. We believe that creating a friendly and helpful relationship is better than just making a sale. Come over and see us or give us a call and find out what true Customer Services is all about.

Home repairs

We are a family owned business with our own set-up crew. While we do sometimes repair homes that we did not set up, home repair is based on our workload at the time. Simply call to find out if we are available. If we are not, we will redirect you to our affiliates who share in our beliefs that customer satisfaction is number 1!

American Family Home Sales located in Troy, Missouri is a family owned business that specializes in the sale, delivery and set up of mobile and modular homes. We have been selling homes since 2007, but we have been in the manufactured housing industry setting homes for other dealerships for 33 years!


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